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Transformers Repairs & Maintenance

Transformer maintenance usually begins with an external examination. If any defects are found, they should be eliminated. After a visual inspection, a number of preliminary procedures are performed, including: checking the reliability of connections, cleaning insulator radiators and tank, removing dirt from oil conservator, refilling oil and taking oil samples.

It is very important to perform a transformer leak test. A leak can happen because of unsealed tank lid and can be eliminated by tightening the bolts. Otherwise, seals are replaced. The seal material is generally made out of oil resistant rubber.

The tank and radiators are cleaned from dust and oil. Insulators are cleaned with gasoline. When refilling, it is important to keep new oil temperature close to the oil in transformer, within 5 ºC. The oil temperature is controlled by a special thermometer, which is located on the tank lid.

Attention is also paid to silica gel in the air dryer. If silica gel turns pink, it is replaced to guarantee reliable operation of the air dryer. Used silica gel is regenerated by drying at 100-120 ºС for 15-20 hours, or at 400-500 ºС for 2 hours. The process is complete when the adsorbent turns bright blue color.

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